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What’s New in WhatsApp? The Latest Features That Have Been Added!

What’s New in WhatsApp? The Latest Features That Have Been Added!

WhatsApp has simply conquered the entire communication industry by becoming the
most preferred option to chat by everyone today. We live in a generation where it is
actually possible to live without food, but what about without using WhatsApp? No,
absolutely can’t. WhatsApp which is now owned by Facebook has now come up with
new features to further woo the users. Read on to find out what they are.
1.Group video and voice calls
WhatsApp has introduced this feature of having a maximum of 4 members together on
a group call after a testing phase of 1 month. Today when we all live far away from our
beloved ones, this newly added features comes to our rescue and aims to reduce the
distance gaps between us and our friends, relatives or anyone whom we need to
2.Whatsapp Payment
Even though digital payment apps like Paytm, Phone Pe, BHIIM exist, integrating
payments with WhatsApp has literally affected a large number of people – the reason
being that WhatsApp is the most celebrated communication tool of the majority. This will
surely make the payment process easier because you just need to enter a UPI pin, to
send money to any of your contact on WhatsApp.
3.Delete Sent Messages
Have you ever wished that you could undo a sent message on WhatsApp?
Congratulations to you if you have. WhatsApp allows you to now delete any message
you have sent to any of your contacts within 68 minutes from the time you sent it. The
time limit was earlier 7 minutes and now has been revised.
4.Visibility Control
Admit it or not, but there are a lot of media like photos or videos, which you receive on
this social platform every day. However, there might be some of them, which you would
like to keep hidden in the gallery of your phone. WhatsApp again helps you by
controlling which media you wouldn’t want to show up in your phone gallery.
WhatsApp is already everybody’s favourite, and with every update, it is expected to
grow more and more trendy and useful. We only hope that it keeps getting better
through such updates and keep us always connected to our near and dear ones!

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