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Top Tips on Writing a Powerful Explainer Video Script

Top Tips on Writing a Powerful Explainer Video Script

Have you arrived at a decision to get an explainer video made but wondering how you are going to make it effective? There is a multitude of factors that can make your video stand out depending on the type of audience you are targeting. What are the top tips that can be incorporated to get the most effective video?  The foremost important characteristic of an effective video is that it should be engaging and well-written.

Here are the top tips that can help you make one:

Short and Precise

The attention span of a healthy person ranges between 10 and 20 minutes. An explainer video shouldn’t be any longer. The average could lie somewhere between 12 and 15 minutes. However, don’t load the video with unnecessary information that has no perceived value. Your explainer video is almost like striking a conversation with the potential customers and you should be able to sell yourself within the first 30 seconds.

Address Your Audience Directly

As mentioned above, strike a conversation by addressing the audience with “you”, more like a dialogue. This creates an automatic response in the viewer’s mind. Often, the messages that portray concern and care are more likely to resonate for long. It is a compelling feel to showcase your company’s growth and feel important, but asking for a feedback or suggestion or improvisation from your customer is a better way to go forward. Make them see the more human side of your business like employee culture, the people that work for you and more. Show your audience as someone they can trust and rely on for service or product.

Set the Tone

Who is your primary audience? What is the first thing you expect the audience to do after seeing your video? Answering these questions are important before you write the script. The only thing standing between you and your potential audience is the communication gap. Once you are able to bridge the gap of understanding the psychographics of your potential customer target, you are already there. For instance, a video explaining a baby product to the new mothers need to do so by showing deep concern and softness. The imagery should have pastel shades, the voice-over of a woman herself and the music soft to the ears.

A Story Sells the Best

It cannot be emphasized enough on the fact that a story appeals the most to the audience. People seek infotainment over information. Companies can, perhaps, depict a certain story portraying a customer seeking a solution and receives so from the product/service being offered by the business. The monotonous tone of the video can be done away by avoiding facts and figures. It resonates less with the audience and all the investment done in the explainer video would be for nothing.

Use Humor

Humor has a universal appeal to all audiences irrespective of their age or culture. It defies geographical boundaries. However, its usage must be selective depending on the product/service being offered. Bear in mind that the comic timing, if poorly placed, can be disastrous. Hitting the right tone in order to appeal to the potential customers will be incorrect if done without prior research.

 A Genius Script

Take note of the dialogues. Ideally, they should be up to 150 words per minute. This facilitates better voice-over process. It’s the viewer, who needs more consideration. The viewer should be able to make sense of what is being told in the story, hear the voices clearly over the music, and understand the language.  A very robotic or monotonous voice-over or dialogue delivery can be boring; likewise, a very aggressive tone can be overwhelming for the readers.

Putting it all together, a great script should be precise, informative, entertaining, humorous, relatable and tell a story rather than persuading the viewers to buy a product. The approach to an explainer video might be different depending on the action expected from the viewer after watching the explainer video, but at the core, it should remain identical for all types of explainer videos.

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