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4 Important Things You Should Know about Promise Rings

4 Important Things You Should Know about Promise Rings

Promise rings are a sign of selfless commitment and love between couples. It could indicate that they are probably not ready for marriage right now, but it is exactly what they wish for eventually. It can be thought of as a token of affection and love for the other and it is much more than one can think of. Here, we discuss some important facts that you need to know about promise rings.

What Type of Promise Rings Should You Select?

The choice of promise ring lies entirely on you and your interests. It also depends on the type of relationship, budget, and the efforts you want to put into showing the other person how much you love them. It can be modern, simple, authentic or anything that you wish it to be. There are many types of promise rings available and you should choose it with utmost care. To get good ideas for selecting a promise ring, click here.

Origin of Promise Rings

The origin of promise ring dates back to the year 1576. It is not a new trend created by the youth. People used to engrave with romantic lines from poems and messages and therefore were called posy rings. Slowly, this tradition gained importance because some of them couldn’t afford an engagement ring. In the late 1970s, promise rings were officially found in the dictionary of the jewellery industry.

Is It Meant Only for Couples?

The answer is ‘no’. People now gift promise rings to their friends or any beloved ones just to say that the relationship is special and they promise that their support and presence is always there – no matter what. It has now taken the form of a friendship bracelet, which can be given to anyone who you feel is special to you. It has no standard pre-defined rules.

Purity and Promise Rings

Most people typically get confused between purity rings and promise rings. The two are entirely different because purity rings are a symbol of religiousness. They signify the vow to remain abstinent till marriage. They are usually given by the parents to their daughters. However, promise rings are a sign of love and compassion between two persons and more common between couples to indicate that they want to marry each other in the near future. Both of them are unique in the spirit and emotion they convey to both the giver and the receiver.

Promise rings are the best way to declare your love today and are not a mere reaction to an infatuation. It is way beyond what people imagine about it and is really a sweet gesture of pure love. It symbolises a true feeling, which you can’t put into words. They are very different from engagement rings and purity rings and hence are very special. Make your loved one feel blessed and important by buying the most beautiful promise ring for them and let that promise be alive for a lifetime.

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